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Police Station

We appreciate that being arrested can be a stressful experience. Everyone who is under arrest has certain rights and one of those rights is to speak with a solicitor as soon as possible, either on the telephone or in person. The police should tell you this when you are being booked into custody. It is very important to exercise this right. Our firm has a team of solicitors and accredited representatives who are all well trained in providing quality advice. We ensure that we attend the relevant station promptly and that you are not kept waiting for your interview to take place.

It is therefore vital to ask for us immediately upon your arrival at the station. We have had a number of clients who have told us that they had been told by the police that our attendance would delay matters. That is simply not true and the police should not be stating this. Our advice could save you from incriminating yourself unnecessarily and could be the difference between being charged with an offence or not.

The advice is absolutely free as we are funded through a government scheme that is not means tested.

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Magistrates Court

Most matters that end up in court are dealt with at the magistrates court. It could be anything from motoring through to theft or assaults. It is important that clients receive the right advice at an early stage in proceedings to ensure the best possible outcome.

All of our solicitors have many years of advocacy experience and have appeared in magistrates courts across the Country, representing clients on a range of matters ensuring the best outcome available. We acknowledge that a defendant's case can have far reaching consequences for themselves, their family or their employer. To have quality advice and representation is crucial. To that end, we would try to obtain a Representation Order (legal aid) for you, subject to means and conduct the case for you through to its conclusion. More information on funding is available below.

Most motoring cases are dealt with in the magistrates court. At Devine O'Keeffe, we are very experienced in these cases and can ensure a quality service from start to finish. This includes drink driving matters, 'totting up' provisions, applications for the return of licences during the currency of a long period of disqualification and every other kind of motoring prosecution that we have successfully defended on behalf of clients in the past.

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Crown Court

Generally, the more serious matters are dealt with in the Crown Court. We have a number of Solicitor Advocates who have rights of audience before the Crown Court. This means that we can represent a defendant right through from the police station to the higher courts. As with the Magistrates, sound, solid advice is provided throughout.

Some clients find themselves remanded into custody. We will ensure that we visit the client in custody as quickly as possible to take instructions and prepare the case.

Matters before the Crown Court should generally qualify for legal aid. A means test is applied and an individual may be required to pay a contribution towards the cost of their case. We can advise on individual cases upon request.

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Security Industry Association Appeals

We offer advice and assistance on appeals against revocation of licences by the SIA. We have successfully appealed these matters on behalf of doorman who believe that they have been treated unfairly when the SIA do not apply their rules as prescribed by the law.

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Funding Your Case

We are authorised to conduct litigation and act on a client's behalf under the legal aid scheme for those clients who qualify for such assistance. There are currently two tests to be applied in determining the granting or refusal of legal aid, namely the means and the merits tests. We will happily advise on this point and assist in completing the application forms.

For those that do not qualify for legal aid, we conduct the work on a private fee paying basis. Quotes for work are done on a case by case basis and will depend upon the complexity and anticipated duration of the matter, and an hourly rate is applied. We can also agree a fixed fee for certain matters such as motoring hearings in the magistrates court.

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